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Activists Protest Killing Wolves to Boost Elk Numbers

posted Jan 17, 2014, 6:58 PM by chloe owens

1/16/14, by Brian Smith, powered by Times-News

Activists Protest Killing Wolves to Boost Elk Numbers

Boise – Have some ‘grit” and stop “exterminating” Idaho’s wolves. That was Pam Marcum’s message to Idaho Fish and Game commissioners Wednesday night. Marcum’s charge was echoed by numerous other biologists, wildlife advocates and enthusiasts, many of whom questioned the science and ethics behind Fish and Game’s predator management plan…Several hunters spoke in support of state wolf control. Stabe Hedges said it was upsetting to see so many people supporting an animal that harms Idaho’s economy…The decision to kill wolves in wilderness areas doesn’t make sense “economically and ecologically,” said Jennifer Pierce, an associate professor of geosciences at Boise State University. “as scientists who have worked in the Frank Church area for decades, the eradication of large predators from this ecosystem is potentially detrimental to all parts of the ecosystem,” she said.  “Was there a science-based rationale for killing wolves in wilderness? If so, what was it?”