Jeanne Wetzel Chinn, MS
Founder, Executive Director, Instructor
Cell: 415-672-1580

Oliver Starr, Instructor
Wolf Specialist, Cell:  310-779-9816

Barri Brennan, Instructor
MA Communication candidate, Cell: 805-234-1603

Catherine Mandella, Instructor
Environmental Scientist, Cell: 916-600-7954

Chloe Owens, Website Development
Cell: 925-683-8877

David Johnston, Editor
Retired Environmental Scientist

Katherine Graham, Editor
Retired Teacher


Huey Johnson, Former CA Secretary of Resources
    Founder/President Resource Renewal Institute
    Founder The Trust for Public Land
    Founder The Grand Canyon Trust

Carter Neimeyer, Wolfer
    USFWS Wolf Recovery Coordinator, Idaho
    Department of the Interior 2000-2006
    Wildlife Services – Wolf Specialist (Northern Rockies)
    USDA 1990-2000

Tanya Diamond, Connectivity Expert
Pathways for Wildlife, Founder, Executive Director

Diane Knox, retired Bureau of Land Management 
    Negotiator for CA Coastal National Monument
        Pt. Reyes-Stornetta